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This obituary of Philip White is in the Rhoda Freeman Collection at the Schomburg Center and the page it's pasted on is from the same the unidentified scrapbook as that of Peter Guignon. It appeared in the February 19, 1891 issue of the New York Age.… Read More

I found this obituary of Peter Guignon in the Rhoda Freeman Collection at the Schomburg Center. It was pasted on a page taken from a scrapbook whose owner remains unidentified. The clipping is undated but the obituary appeared in the January 31, 1885… Read More

When Peter Guignon married Cornelia Ray after Rebecca''s death, Peter Williams Ray became his brother-in-law. Born in 1825, Ray attended Castleton Medical College in Vermont, graduating around 1850. He then settled in Brooklyn where he opened a… Read More

Mary Joseph was the sister of my great-great-grandmother Rebecca Marshall. She married Albro Lyons in 1840, the same year that Rebecca and Peter Guignon got married. Albro ran a Colored Sailors' Home with William Powell on Pearl Street. He later… Read More

My grandmother, Cornelia White Peterson, was born in 1869, the second of Philip and Elizabeth's three daughters. She married my grandfather, Jerome Bowers Peterson, in 1893. She is shown here with her two older children, Philip and Dorothy. While… Read More

My grandfather, Jerome Bowers Peterson, married Philip White's middle daughter, Cornelia, in 1893. Born in New York in 1859, Peterson attended the city's colored schools. One of his teachers was Peter Guignon's former schoolmate, Charles Reason, who… Read More

I know very little about Philip's siblings, including his older sister Mary. Born in 1818, she married Richard Thompson, and died in 1881. They had a daughter, Elizabeth, called Bessie, who was Philip's favorite niece. Bessie never married and… Read More

Philip attended the Laurens Street School where Peter Guignon’s former classmate, Charles Reason, was the principal teacher. After graduating, he apprenticed in Patrick Reason’s engraving shop until it became apparent that he had no talent in… Read More