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On March 19, 1874 Philip was finally elected member of the College of Pharmacy. Read More

Philip apprenticed in James McCune Smith's pharmacy from 1840 to 1842. On that basis he was allowed to matriculate at the College of Pharmacy of the City of New York. Out of an entering class of twenty-seven students, he was one of only four to… Read More

By the early 1860s, Philip White's pharmacy was doing very well and he was becoming quite prosperous. Over the course of several months, Philip placed this ad in the Weekly Anglo African, New York's black newspaper of the period. The ad promoted a… Read More

In 1847, Philip White established his drugstore on the corner Frankfort and Gold Streets, and maintained it in that location until his death in 1891. This might well have been the view he had of Frankfort Street looking out of the front window of… Read More

Born in New York City in 1813, James McCune Smith referred to himself as “the son of a self-emancipated bond-woman” who owed his “liberty to the Emancipation Act of the State of New York.” He attended the Mulberry Street… Read More

When Peter Guignon married Cornelia Ray after Rebecca''s death, Peter Williams Ray became his brother-in-law. Born in 1825, Ray attended Castleton Medical College in Vermont, graduating around 1850. He then settled in Brooklyn where he opened a… Read More

Philip attended the Laurens Street School where Peter Guignon’s former classmate, Charles Reason, was the principal teacher. After graduating, he apprenticed in Patrick Reason’s engraving shop until it became apparent that he had no talent in… Read More

Crummell’s obituary noted that Peter attended the Mulberry Street School where his classmates were, in his words, “the most celebrated pupils which ever were enrolled upon its records.” He named several of these students, among them James… Read More